The Organizing Committee of World Stevia Organisation (WSO) announces the final program of the 3rd World Congress on Stevia Tasteless: The Challenge of Taste, which will be held in Paris in May 25, 2011 at Hotel Scribe.

Stevia Tasteless 2011 will provide answers about “How to limit and hide the after-taste of Stevia in Beverages and Products?”. The consumers need a neutral taste adapted to his culture. The 3rd World Congress on Stevia and Alternative Sweeteners will focus on challenges and innovations about Stevia TasteLess.

As chairman of the conference, Pr Marvin Edeas reconfirm that “…Stevia will play a major role in the prevention of many chronical diseases. For the future, I’m afraid if the industrials cannot anticipate and find an urgent solution for Stevia Taste, it will be a big problem for all Stevia Industry. The risk is that consumers will never accept Stevia, even if it is a natural and healthy ingredient. It will be too late!...”

France is the first European country who authorized the Stevia uses in September 2009. During Stevia Tasteless and Flavours 2011 will be also discussed and analyzed the consumer’s acceptance of Stevia and what lessons, critics and recommendations can be useful for other European countries and cultures.

The main objectives of 3rd World Congress of Stevia are:

·         To highlight recent advances and scientific researches on Stevia and Stevia related products

·         To present the last regulation in Europe

·         To show last trends on Marketing

·         To discuss the opportunities to use Stevia Tasteless as sweetener and in food formulation

·         To give the opportunity to industrials to present their recent innovations, ingredients and products to improve the taste of Stevia

·         To discuss about the French case as the first experiment of Stevia launching in Europe

·         To highlight the lessons from the French Experience of Stevia

Among companies who will attend Stevia Tasteless 2011:

Danone, Nestlé, Coca-Cola, GLG Life Tech, Mane et Fils, Givaudan, Pan American Grain, Merisant, Cargill, Horphag Research, Sweetleaf, Reisenberger Gmbh, Galam Group, EVD SAS, Tereos, Tropenfrucht, Frutelia, Cedus, Emmi Frischprodukte AG, RC Treatt & Co Ltd, IDCaps, LCA INPT, Cavalier, Soredab, Vitiva, Naturex, Seppic, L'Oreal, Famille Michaud Apiculteurs, Innova Market Insight, Rouages, MetroBridge Networks Corporation, Palands Partners, Danone Research, ARD, Bayn Europe AB, Nestlé Waters, Unistraw International, L’Abeille, Extraivia, Sucrunion...

Stevia Tasteless 2011 Speakers:

Dr Grant E. Dubois, Coca Cola Company, Atlanta, USA

Pr Giancarlo Cravotto, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technologies, University of Turin, Italy

Mr Pierre Jannot, CEO, Société Rouages, Paris, France

Mr Thierry Liot, Stevia Development Manager, Seppic, Paris, France

Mrs Justine Lord, Talin Business Manager, Naturex, France

Pr Jean-Michel Maixent, Vice president of the additives flavours and processing aids committee, AFSSA-ANSES, University of Poitiers, France

Pr Henry-Eric Spinnler, Agro-Paris Tech, Grignon, France

Pr Karim Allaf, Eco-Process and Agro-Industry research team, La Rochelle University, France

Mr François Chardon, Country Manager, Innova Market Insights, France

Dr Mohamed Negm, Eco-Process and Agro-Industry research team, La Rochelle University, France

Stevia Tasteless 2011 World Congress

About World Stevia Organisation (WSO)

The aims of WSO are to advance the practical applications of Stevia, in all related fields, with particular reference to Health and diseases prevention particularly obesity and diabetes, to transfer the basic researches and data into a real nutritional and nutraceutical applications in food technology, to encourage communication and interaction among researchers, physicians, nutritionists, industrials, food technology and strategic marketing managers through a global network, to promote the nutritional and health benefits of Stevia by exchange ideas, information, education and coordination of International Meetings on Stevia.

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