Ayurveda Iooks at what’s inside—your essential nature, or “dosha”—to balance what’s outside: your skin, your hair, your mood, your glow. If your dosha tends to be quick and airy, your skin and hair mantra should be “hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.” If you’re fiery instead, your regimen should play it cool. And if you’re firmly grounded, you need care that takes a load off. Think of your dosha as your personal beauty advisor. Take this dosha quiz to help choose the right skin care for you.

1. My skin is usually:

Pretty normal, maybe on the dry side. In the winter it can get tight.

Combination, with an oily T-zone, or sensitive and easily irritated.

Oily and pretty resilient, with visible pores.

2. I want a skin care regimen to:

Hydrate and repair. Reduce fine and not-so-fine lines. Lift, firm, tighten and tone.

Calm and control sensitivity and redness. Even out skin tone. Increase radiance.

Control acne and breakouts. Minimize pores. Control shine.

3. When I wake up and look in the mirror, my skin seems:

A little sleepy: dull, a bit pink, maybe dry or even flaky.

The same as usual.

Ready to wash: it's shiny especially around my nose and chin.

4. My skin breaks out:

Rarely or never, and my pores are pretty much a non-issue.

Occasionally, maybe in the T-zone, or around the time of my period.

Way too often, especially around my mouth and chin.

5. My legs:

Can go alligator or flaky pretty quickly.

Get a little drier in winter.

Can skip lotion for a few days and stay smooth.

6. My nails are:

Dry, brittle, and break easily.

Pretty bendy, flexible and soft.

Strong, thick—basically unbreakable.

7. My hair was born to be:

Thin, and on the curly or frizzy side. It tends to be more normal-to-dry.

Fine and straight.

Thick and wavy, on the oily side.

8. My hair feels oily if I don't wash it:

Every 5 days or so.

2-3 times a week.

Every morning.

9. I sleep:

Lightly or unevenly. It's not unusual for me to wake up in the middle of the night.

Well, and I don't need a lot of it.

Long, deeply, and as much as I can.

10. When I'm stressed out, I'm more than a little:

Anxious and insecure. I turn things over and over in my mind.

On edge—amped up at 11 pm. But wow, am I getting things done.

In need of a cup of tea or a rest—I know this, too, shall pass.

11. It's performance review time. My colleagues will say I am:

The idea person—with lots of inspiration—but sometimes a little unfocused or disorganized.

A power player who takes charge. Type A, with success on my mind, and sometimes a short fuse.

The reliable, go-to person who always gets it done—but takes time and effort to do it.

12. At a party, I'm the one who:

Is a bit of a butterfly, taking it all in.

People will remember. Love me or not, just don't ignore me.

Gets into a deep conversation with one or two people (probably the ones I came with).

13. I live most of my life:

At the last minute, on the fly and in the moment—some may say I have an artist's temperament.

On plan—meticulous, organized and focused. I love lists and would probably make an excellent general.

At my own pace, slow and steady, but once I make a decision or take action, it's done absolut