gut healthPerhaps the best example of a systemic approach to beauty is based on the microbiome—the trillions of bacteria that make up your gastrointestinal tract. Although you may initially connect the microbiome only to gut health, science peels back the layers, revealing the power of something called the “gut-skin-brain axis.” Essentially, keeping stress in check can help balance your gut bacteria, which, according to research, supports ➻ the health of your body’s largest organ: skin. Gut health is particularly relevant when it comes to acne or eczema, which often result when gut imbalances trigger and continue to feed inflammation.

Because of the gut-skin connection, probiotics are a beauty-supplement essential, says Hart. “In addition to digestive power, the population of bacteria that make up your microbiome is incredibly influential to your skin health, weight, inflammation levels and overall beauty,” she says. Hart recommends getting probiotics from both foods and supplements. Prebiotics, too, are critical to ensuring your microbiome is functioning properly, so look for supplements that incorporate both.