A: Loss of elasticity resulting in “crepe-y” skin is a normal part of the aging process, as your body becomes less effective at producing collagen and elastin, two of skin’s main structural proteins.

The first things you should do is start supplementing with collagen, which will both provide more of this healthy-aging protein and encourage your body to produce more collagen of its own. Collagen has been clinically proven to keep skin taut and moisturized (loss of moisture is another result of aging, which can lead to loss of elasticity). And be sure to use a mineral sunscreen, packed with plant-based antioxidants, daily to help prevent further signs of free radical damage such as sagging and sun spots.  

Oxygen is also critical to collagen production. Learning how to breathe deeply in every breath, allowing your stomach to expand, will go a long way to restoring youthful O2 levels.

Finally, you can get a natural face-lift with yoga poses, suggests Blu Skin Care founder Zondra Wilson. Before meetings, interviews or photo sessions, perform a few downward dogs or simply reach over and touch your toes. Do this for one to five minutes, or however long you can hold the position comfortably.