What to know: Wrinkles and sunspots will become more pronounced. Thinning, weakening and graying hair also will be more noticeable as you creep into your 50s.

Loss of collagen and keratin, hormonal changes and an overall moisture nosedive can contribute to hair loss and graying.

What to do:

  • Care for your hair. Start by eating more fatty fish, nuts and flaxseed; then get an extra boost through keratin and biotin supplementation to support thicker, healthier hair.
  • Befriend plant stem cells. There’s no definite way to undo skin damage, but research from a Swiss biochemistry lab showed that topically applying apple stem cells delayed the aging process by triggering the skin’s ability to regenerate cells and—even more impressive—also reduced existing-wrinkle depth by up to 15 percent. Bonus: Plant stem cells have also been shown to manage thinning hair by repairing aging follicles. You can find these ingredients in lotions, creams, serums shampoos and conditioners.
  • Embrace aging. Unless you’re opting for invasive surgeries, you will see the signs of time. But remember: They’re beautiful! Be gentle and nurturing with yourself—and appreciate these external changes for all of the experiences and knowledge they represent.  

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