Beauty companies are increasingly looking to repurpose ingredients that otherwise would end up in a landfill. Environmentally friendly beauty products are rising to meet consumer expectations, which are becoming more eco-conscious.

Here are three companies leading the green beauty movement by using waste in innovative ways. 

Further Glycerin Hand Soap 

This fresh-smelling hand soap is perfect for any bathroom or kitchen. The blend of glycerin, derived from the distillation of biofuel, and bergamot and olive oils is gentle and biodegradable. 





The Grapeseed Company Vino Lux Body Scrub 

The Grapeseed Company is based on the unique concept of upcycling ingredients from California’s wine country by partnering with local wineries to make the most of otherwise wasted, skin-healthy grape ingredients. Grape seed oil and extract give this exfoliating scrub a nutrient-rich boost.





Organic Essence Lavender Organic Shea Cream

A superrich, USDA Organic hand and body cream made from potent shea butter and nourishing seed oils. Awesomely moisturizing, it also comes in an innovative compostable paper tub so once you’ve soaked it all up, you can dispose of the package guilt-free.