In recent years, these exotic oils have made their way into the domestic beauty scene and our beauty regimens thanks to their range of skin, nail and hair benefits.

Argan oil

BEST FOR: dry hair, aging skin

Extracted from the nut of a Moroccan tree, argan was traditionally used to treat skin infections but today is mainly recognized for its ability to keep skin and hair healthy and glowing. Argan’s fatty acids restore moisture to skin and hair, while squalene boosts skin’s collagen production. Loads of free radical–fighting vitamin E and anti-inflammatory compounds also contribute to its antiaging power.

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Sea buckthorn oil

BEST FOR: dry, irritated skin and eczema

An ingredient gaining popularity for its skin health benefits, sea buckthorn is thought to help skin when taken as a beverage or supplement or when applied topically. A source of the rare omega-7 fatty acid, sea buckthorn oil nourishes skin, has healing effects and tames irritation.

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Black currant oil

BEST FOR: fussy or aging skin 

Research suggests that gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), a potent antioxidant that’s the active ingredient in black currant oil, can quell inflammation. It is often used to manage dermatitis and can be taken as a supplement or applied topically to support overall skin health.

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