Two months have passed since the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and POM Wonderful began engaging in the legal fight that has each party suing the other in what is likely to become the United States’ health claims battle royal. In short, the FTC maintains that the pomegranate juice company made false and unsubstantiated claims that its products can prevent or treat heart disease, prostate cancer, and erectile dysfunction. POM argues that the agency is overstepping its regulatory authority in its attempts to rein in the company’s product claims.

As UNPA Executive Director Loren Israelsen predicted when he first spoke with NewHope360 about the issue, the fight has not faded into the background of the healthy products industry. Rather, it continues to generate headlines within the mainstream business and consumer media—headlines that question the actions of the FTC, POM and other healthy product marketers.

"This case is extremely high profile," Israelsen said in late September. "The ramifications will go way beyond POM and the pomegranate and may affect how consumers view other fruit products. The cranberry and blueberry and Amazon super fruit folks all have to be watching this very carefully."