Happy anniversary!
We are looking for the umpteenth time at Delicious Living. We appreciate the articles you select to include in each issue. We especially enjoy all the articles about the features, effects, and applications of natural foods, herbs, and spices. Also, it was fun to see “Two Decades of Delicious Living” (May 2005).
Keep the articles coming about GMOs and other threats to our planet and ourselves. More articles and recipes that highlight the benefits of the raw foods diet would be most helpful, too.

—Bob and Sandra Bovee, via e-mail

Life reading
I read your magazine from time to time, but now I am also a daily “subscriber” to your website. The new Astro Alert is wonderful. Far more than the usual toss-off astrology blurbs, this really gives me some useful information, and is delightfully written to boot! Thanks for including it every day.

—Laura Pendell, via e-mail

Tummy trouble
Over the years, my digestive system was badly damaged by osteoporosis medications. I had no digestive problems my entire life until I was put on these drugs. Your article “Probiotics” (June 2005) discusses how these friendly bacteria can help. You also state that Saccharomyces boulardii costs as little as $5 a month. Can you help me locate a product for that price?

—Constance D. Preston, Columbus, Ohio

Costs will vary by brand and type of probiotic. Please check with the retailer carrying your Delicious Living to find the best probiotics for your particular condition.