Small Is Beautiful

If you enjoy gardening but don't have a lot of space, try growing baby vegetables, which thrive in containers on patios, in small gardens, or among flowers. Look for these varieties in your favorite seed catalog or garden store.

Baby Head: Round, blue-green cabbage averaging half the size of normal cabbage heads.

Thumbelina Carrots: Round, ball-shaped carrots about 1/4 inch in diameter; perfect for snacking.

Baby Eggplants: Compact and ideal for container growing, bearing loads of miniature fruit.

Baby Bell Peppers: Sweet, two-inch bells can be easily grown in containers. They turn quickly from green to red when fully ripe.

Easter-Egg Radishes: Red, purple, and white marble-size radishes. Crisp and mild, even when mature.

Spoon Tomatoes: Only reach 3/8 inch in size and grow in clusters, just like grapes.

Source: Drysdale Seed Co., Arnold, Mo.