Do you bring a list when you grocery shop, or do you wing it? Our assignment meeting for this month's story "What Do the Health Pros Buy?" sparked a spirited exchange in which the editors revealed their personal shopping styles. The story's author and I both admitted to winging it on many occasions. Of course, then we end up at home without much of a meal plan, or with most of the ingredients for a recipe—except that one specialty item we forgot. Our managing editor and food editor arrive at the store prepared; they sleuth out a few recipes they want to create that week and have a complete list they follow.

On my mind this month
  • Dried cherries add a burst of flavor to my morning oatmeal.
  • Warm hibiscus tea helps me drink more liquids throughout the day.

Two weeks ago, I managed to grab a sliver of time at the grocery store without my young daughter (who comes with her own ideas about what to purchase). With time to think, I bought breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner items for the entire week, and I paid about $40 less than usual. That was a revelation. No matter how you shop, I think you'll find this story to be a definite clip-and-save.