Mothers, Mark Your Calendars

Now busy mothers have the necessary tool to move from concern to action on behalf of children. Mothers Acting Up (MAU), a national movement started two years ago by four Colorado-based friends, has come out with a 2004 weekly engagement calendar that inspires and educates mothers to become politically active on children’s issues. Not just for those who have given birth, the calendar and MAU activities are for mothers and others who exercise protective care over someone smaller. Full-color portraits of mothers around the world grace each page of the calendar, and words from the photo subjects lend support and encouragement. Like any other weekly planner, the MAU calendar reminds you of your appointments, but the concluding Handbook for Spirited Social Change prompts you to do more: write a letter to the editor, call your congressional representatives (or the president), organize a local parade for children, and more. To order your Mothers Acting Up 2004 calendar, log on to

—Delicious Living