Tired moms and dads, listen up: Feng shui may hold the key to better sleep for you and your tot. According to Laura Forbes Carlin and Alison Forbes, authors of The Peaceful Nursery (Bantam Dell, 2006), babies are easily stimulated by distractions such as toys, bright colors, and wall decorations. Here are some feng shui tips for preparing the nursery to help little ones get the rest that they—and the whole family—need.

  • Paint baby's room blue or lavender for relaxation.
  • Opt for rounded furniture edges, which have less jarring energy than angular edges (and are safer once baby can walk).
  • Position the crib where the baby can see the door.
  • Select bedding that is mono-chrome or lightly patterned.
  • Choose calming artwork, and avoid large and active figures.
  • Don't put mirrors in baby's eyesight.
  • Remove overhead objects (such as mobiles) during sleep time.
  • Store toys out of sight.