The Land of Ferocious Dragons: A Vegetarian Tale For Kids

In the Forest of Nogard, ferocious dragons terrorize the people and delight in "the crispy crunch of brave knights in armor." All but one, that is: A gentle vegetarian dragon named Herb, who quietly tends his garden and creates his own meatless meals such as Lakewater Veggie Slurp. When poor Herb is about to be wrongly executed by misguided townspeople, a brave little girl named Nicole sticks her neck out (literally) to prove Herb's innocence and save the day. Can frightened citizens, unrepentant carnivores and a peaceful herbivore find a way to coexist?

Jules Bass, author of Herb, The Vegetarian Dragon (Barefoot Books), is the weaver of this whimsical tale of learning to live together in harmony. Accompanied by vibrant and often hilarious illustrations, Herb's story amuses readers while encouraging tolerance for personal choice. Bass's companion volume, Cooking with Herb: A Cookbook for Kids (Barefoot Books), provides instructions for making 20 Herb-al favorites, including Dragonian Quesadillas and Chili con "No" Carne. Not a crunchy knight in sight.

— Elisa Bosley

Illustration by Debbie Harter