To contact Stonewood Farm or to order a turkey, call 802.948.2277. To contact Mary's Free-Range Turkeys or to order a turkey, call 888.666.8244 or go to

If the thought of feasting on feathered friends tugs at your heartstrings, don't despair. Tofurky, made from wheat gluten and tofu, makes a variety of precooked vegetarian substitutes with a turkey flavor (Turtle Island Foods, 888.TOFURKY); or you can dine on an UnTurkey, made with wheat gluten and covered with a realistic-looking soy skin, available nationally in grocery stores during the holiday season (Now and Zen, 800.335.1959). Another option is the Tofu Turkey, a product that's shaped like a turkey, hand scored, marinated and baked golden brown. Tofu Turkeys are made to order, vacuum packed and delivered fresh to your door (Fresh Tofu Inc., 610.433.4711).