Feeling parched or dizzy after your hot-weather workout? These could be signs you're not drinking enough. In fact, dehydration can restrict your exercise performance and muscle strength, or leave you feeling fatigued. Check out these top tips for staying ahead of hydration to keep energy up.


  • Sip early and often Begin hydrating long before your workout to give your body a chance to absorb the liquid. In general drink 20 ounces three to four hours in advance of exercise, then another 10-15 ounces two hours before exercise.
  • Replenish lost minerals Your body loses important minerals when you sweat; make up for it with nutrient-rich beverages.
  • Feed your thirst In addition to quenching your thirst with water and nutrient-enhanced beverages, foods naturally high in moisture, such as fruits and vegetables, should be enough to replace lost liquids and electrolytes after most workouts