Holidays mean more travel—and spreading more than cheer. Whether taking a road trip to visit family or flying to a far-off locale, travelers encounter many obstacles to maintaining overall health: Confined and crowded areas, unexpected delays, and departure from healthy routines can quickly lead to a compromised immune system and impending sickness. Follow these tips from those in the know to fly through this festive season in good health.

Travel Expert

Susan Farewell, editor in chief,

Eat well and often.
Exhaustion and anxiety can derail your normal healthy eating habits, inclining you to grab junk food from the nearest airport kiosk. Not only will the energy from fat and sugar be short-lived, but sound sleep may become more difficult. Eat high-protein foods like nuts to keep energy levels steady. Avoid alcohol, refined carbohydrates, processed sugars, and caffeine.

Acknowledge travel challenges.
Regardless of how planned a trip may be, travel
is never effortless. If you become homesick or disappointed with the way a trip is going, talk to someone about it. If you are anxious while traveling, stop and take several deep breaths to regain composure.

Sleep frequently.
Rest whenever you can; even a ten-minute nap can make a huge difference in your well-being. Wear loose-fitting clothes, eliminate stimuli by wearing earplugs and a sleep mask, and pack a neck pillow to prevent a stiff neck. Abstain from coffee six hours before nighttime flights.