Breakfast in bed is lovely, really, but it’s over in mere minutes. This Mother’s Day, ask for gifts (or give them to yourself) that will make a lasting impact on your well-being and provide some of what all moms need more of: sleep, energy, support, relaxation, and fun. Each of the following suggestions can go a long way toward making motherhood less taxing and Mother’s Day more meaningful.

Clear your head (and protect your DNA)

You already know meditation can reduce stress by helping the mind to short-circuit habitual, negative stress responses. But research shows meditation has health benefits that extend all the way down to your very DNA. A 2010 study by the UC Davis Center for Mind and Brain found regular meditators had greater activity of telomerase, an enzyme that protects DNA sequences called telomeres, than people who attended the same retreat center but didn't meditate. Earlier research by Nobel Prize–winning biologist Elizabeth Blackburn, PhD, has linked human lifespan to telomere length, which is partly determined by your response to stress. All it takes to start meditating is five minutes, sitting quietly and listening to your breath. A great primer is Real Happiness: The Power of Meditation (Workman, 2010) by Sharon Salzberg, which includes instructions for a 28-day program and an audio CD with meditation instructions.

Sleep better

You likely won’t be surprised to hear that a 2010 survey found that working moms get less sleep than working dads. Although, sadly, you can’t bottle sleep and sip it when you need an extra dose—and caffeine doesn't count, since it doesn't provide true rest and can even keep you from getting the sleep you so desperately need—you can buy a bottle of sleep-encouraging aromatherapy.  Aroma-To-Go’s Sweet Dreams blend combines lavender and chamomile essential oils in an easy-to-use roll-on. Keep one at your bedside and dab some on your temples when you’re ready to call it a night; then breathe deep and drift off.