Time To Laugh

April is about more than showers and filing income-tax returns. Humor is the theme of this month, thanks to former stand-up comedian Larry Wilde, who in 1974 named April National Humor Month. Now a lecturer on the health benefits of humor, Wilde travels the country reminding people about the importance of laughter, to ease stress and just for fun. For clients ranging from the health care industry to big business, he offers these tips to a make hilarity part of the everyday routine:

Take a humor break. Watch a sitcom, pick up a cartoon book. Find something or someone that makes you laugh, and indulge daily.

Laugh at yourself. Instead of being embarrassed when someone removes that sticky note attached to your clothing, laugh. It diffuses the pressure and embraces the foibles we all possess.

Create a humor file. Collect favorite jokes, cartoons, quotes so you get a quick hit when needed. And add to your collection whenever you can. For more information, check out www.larrywilde.com or contact him at larrywilde@aol.com.

—Barbara Hey