Plan ahead
As a way to pace yourself and counteract dehydration, "dilute your drinks or alternate one alcoholic beverage with two nonalcoholic beverages," suggests Somer. Carrying around a bottle of vitamin B6 can also dial down the unpleasant side effects of alcohol: Take 400 mg before the party, 400 mg during the party, and 400 mg before bed. (Note: Do not continue taking high doses of B6 on a regular basis; doing so can harm your nervous system.)

Too late?
Drinking plenty of water, juice, or sports drinks helps your body rehydrate. When you imbibe, urination revs into high gear because alcohol interferes with the release of vasopressin (a hormone that lessens the amount of urine made by the kidneys). And it wouldn't hurt to take some milk thistle ( Silybum marianum). Taking 400-500 mg of silymarin, the active constituent in milk thistle, supports your overworked liver by removing toxins and even regenerating injured liver cells.