Spring Into Comfort

Spring may be coming, but there are vestiges of winter to contend with first: some snow maybe, cold days interspersed with thaw (mud, wet). To sustain you until the green returns, here's a to-do list. Not that kind; this is not a list to provoke procrastination but to inspire you to emerge from hibernation.

  1. Book a pedicure. Feet will soon reemerge from thick socks and waterproof boots, so it's time to buff and polish.

  2. Plan your garden. Take a good, long look through those seed catalogues piled up by your bedside. Imagine the blooming season of your dreams and order accordingly.

  3. Bake a batch of cookies (the tasty, grainy, healthy kind) and deliver them—to the firehouse, to the senior center, to the neighbor who plowed your driveway for all those months.

  4. Pack way the flannel and bring out the lighter-weight sleepwear. Think floral.

  5. Spring cleaning. See "Better Cleansers" for natural alternatives to toxic cleaning products.

  6. Renewal is what this upcoming season is about, so plug in a tape and learn as you go. Begin the Adventure of a Lifetime, by Angeles Arrien, will prime you for self-actualization in the second half of life (www.soundstrue.com).

  7. Write a letter the old-fashioned way. Invest in the luxury of stationery—thick, vellum paper—and use a special, high-quality pen.

  8. Check out volunteering possibilities in your town.

  9. Get back into yoga—stretch, breathe, prepare body and mind for the outdoor, on-the-go season that's just around the corner.

—Viki Psihoyos