updated 10/27/17

Here are some effective postnasal drip remedies recommended by doctors:

Herbal postnasal drip remedies

Postnasal drip occurs because of excess mucus in the back of the nose and throat that can solidify in layers and cause headaches. It can be acute, lasting for a short period of time after a cold or flu, or chronic, lasting for a longer period of time. Chronic postnasal drip can be caused by allergies to food or to something in the home, or by the shape of the septum.

In terms of herbal remedies, I recommend using inhalants, such as eucalyptus oil, to help alleviate postnasal drip. Add a few drops of pure oil to about a quart of water in a large stainless steel pot, bring to a boil, cover head and pot, and inhale.

If you are experiencing chronic postnasal drip, begin by removing wheat and dairy from your diet, because such a large percentage of people are allergic to these foods. See if you notice a difference after a month. You can also have a physician give you an IgE or IgG food allergy test. The IgE tests for allergies cause an immediate reaction, whereas the IgG tests for allergies are delayed up to 72 hours. To eliminate potential allergens from your home, vacuum your pillows, mattress, and blanket daily, and keep pets out of the bedroom at all times.

–Ellen Kamhi, PhD, RN, co-owner, Natural Alternative Health, Education, and Multimedia Services, Oyster Bay, New York