One of the constants in life is change. Just about anybody—including the Delicious Living staff—can vouch for that. Yet, no matter what life throws their way, these women manage to stay active by implementing customized strategies to meet ever-changing lifestyles.

Managing Editor Pamela Emanoil
Life change: Remodeling a 1920s cabin.
Fitness strategy: “I exercise mostly in the morning before the tasks at home consume me,” says Emanoil. “I also adopted a Jack Russell terrier puppy who needs to get out and run and climb for his sanity and mine, too. And I try to set fitness goals.” Emanoil ran her first marathon last year.

Art Director Vicki Hopewell
Life change: Serious knee injury and subsequent surgery.
Fitness strategy: “I’ve had to rethink how I get my exercise and stress release, so instead of the usual mountain biking trips, I’ve been spinning on my stationary bike at home,” says Hopewell. She also works out in a nearby pool.

Editor in Chief Jean Weiss
Life change: New baby.
Fitness strategy: Weiss quickly realized leaving home for a workout wasn’t going to cut it. “I never got out of the house because of too many competing needs, so I’ve made a point to schedule time for a workout during my workday away from home,” she says. That sometimes means getting home later than usual, but Weiss figures it’s worth it. “The energy boost I get from exercising is a net gain for everyone in my family,” she says.

Senior Food Editor Elisa Bosley
Life change: Hitting her 40s.
Fitness strategy: “I noticed for the first time that my weight creeps up on me if I don’t pay attention,” says Bosley. Although she doesn’t have a set routine, she increased her efforts to make fitness gains throughout her day by parking as far away as possible from the grocery store and taking the stairs instead of the elevator. And she sets an appointment with another working mom to walk in the hills near her home in the afternoons instead of chatting over coffee. “It’s a piecemeal strategy,” she says. “But it seems to work.”