Already have a fitness program but can't bear the monotony? Here are some ways to beat the blahs and stay motivated.

Learn a new sport. Spice up your workouts by taking a squash or racquetball lesson. Both sports improve cardiovascular health and give you an alternative to the treadmill when bad weather keeps you indoors.

Get competitive. Find a local 5K or 10K and sign up. Races are great ways to meet people and give you a training goal. Many races benefit charities—the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure benefits breast cancer research, for example—so you'll be helping others while getting fit.

Head outdoors. If you're bored of mirrors, benches, and dumbbells, let the great outdoors inspire you. And with technologically advanced clothing now available, cold weather is no longer a valid excuse to stay inside.

Dare to dance. Sick of step aerobics and Spinning classes? Check out local dance studios, which provide interesting workout alternatives such as belly dancing and African dance.

Go one-on-one. If you're really in a rut, consider a session or two with a personal trainer, who not only can help get you through a difficult workout, but also offer advice on how to mix up your routines. (For a referral to a certified fitness professional in your area, visit the American Council on Exercise's Web site at and click on "Find an ACE Pro.") A bonus: The act of writing that check each session may be all the motivation you need to keep moving.