Too busy to make it to the gym? Try an exercise DVD, and get in shape in your own living room.

Kettlenetics Slim and Tone
Using the 4-pound kettle weight (included), celebrity fitness trainer Michelle Khai has created a high-intensity mix of dance moves and weight lifting that will leave you strong, slenderand sore. Intensity: High

Shiva Rea: Creative Core + Lower Body
Core-strengthening with zero crunches! Yoga guru Shiva Rea’s simple choreography of planks, bridges, and free-flow stretches is effective and calming. Intensity: Medium

10-Minute Solution: Pilates Perfect Body
Working through one of the five series designed by Suzanne Bowen will help you strengthen and stretch your arms, buns, and belly in the time it takes to boil pasta water. Intensity: Medium-low

zYoga, The Yoga Sleep Ritual
Racing mind keeping you up? Settle down with the soothing positions presented in this bedtime yoga routine, while the companion lullaby CD brings on the zs.Intensity: Low