Brighten up your workspace with these subtle changes from Ellen Whitehurst, feng shui expert and author of Make this Your Lucky Day (Ballantine, 2007).

  • Place a small desk lamp in the top center of your desk near your writing hand to up the wattage at your workstation and offset harsh shadows cast by overhead fluorescents.
  • Command respect of co-workers that enter your space by facing your desk toward your office entrance. If you can’t move your furniture, a small mirror opposite the door will simulate the effect.
  • Place a scenic piece of art at eye level on the wall in front of your desk. A vista or seascape—something with depth and perspective—will subconsciously encourage you to seize opportunities.
  • Hang a symbol of achievement—a diploma, award, or letter of appreciation—above your desk that speaks to your accomplishments and represents your value as an employee.
  • Add natural elements throughout your space—they invite trust. Substitute a wicker basket for your plastic trash can, place pens in earthenware containers, and position a plant on your bookshelf.