We're stressed and anxious, we're fatigued and depleted. We're living in a modern, fast-paced world that brings on a host of unsavory side effects. Yet that doesn't have to be our path. 

Thanks to increased acceptance of the science-backed, mind-body benefits of herbal supplements, we're more empowered than ever to address our individual needs and challenges, without having to rely on pharmaceuticals once it's too late to get to the root of our concerns.

Here, we dig into the top herbal supplements to support mind and body, the best practices that yield the highest quality herbal remedies and the ancient Ayurvedic principles that hold the key to modern-day health.

In this guide, you'll find: 

  • Herbal support based on your body type
  • Tips for finding a quality herbal supplement
  • Herbal advice from modern-day Ayurvedic healers


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