With the plethora of toothpastes, cleansers, serums, and shampoos lining the natural-beauty aisle, choosing the right product can be daunting. To help you in your quest for the perfect product, Delicious Living's staff members share some time-tested favorites. Each recommends just one natural item that she (or he) couldn't live without. Of course, personal care is extremely, well, personal, but we hope these carefully selected products provide a starting point to help you wade through the options.

Face Earth Science Papaya Glycolic Gentle Skin Peel Papaya enzymes dissolve and loosen dead skin, kelp extract removes dirt from pores, and almond meal polishes skin's surface, adding a natural glow. “This nonchemical peel leaves my face feeling new and refreshed without making it look raw and burned. Plus, it's gentle enough for my eczema-prone skin.”
-Erin Manning, Photo Coordinator
Face Emerita Fine Line Eye Serum Gotu kola extract repairs cell structure and bolsters skin against wrinkling. Meanwhile, cucumber hydrates and antioxidant-rich green and white teas reduce the damaging effects of free radicals. “Because this stuff is superconcentrated, you only need a tiny bit. Every night, I dab it on those places where fine lines tend to show up first: the corners of my eyes and around my mouth.”
-Elisa Bosley, Senior Food Editor
Face Shikai Borage Dry Skin Therapy Facial Cleanser Aloe vera adds moisturizing power to borage oil's deep-penetrating omega-6 fatty acids to provide relief from chronic skin conditions, such as eczema and atopic dermatitis. “I started using this because I wanted something light and easy to rinse off at night. I have a tendency toward rosacea, so I needed something that wouldn't dry out my skin or make it react.”
-Susan Esrey, Senior Editor
Body Derma-E Fruit Smoothie Toning Mist Antioxidant-rich acaí and pomegranate counter damage from free radicals, vitamin E softens skin, and Ester-C keeps pores small and skin looking smooth. “I don't limit this nondrying toner to my face — I use it on my chest and arms, too. It really peps me up in the midafternoon. Plus, it's super low maintenance — just shake and spray.”
-Katy Neusteter, Contributing Editor
Body Weleda Wild Rose Body Oil Musk rose and sweet almond oils absorb quickly into parched skin and prevent drying while building up the skin's natural lipid layer with essential fatty acids. “This oil is perfectly balanced — it's thick without being greasy and fragrant without being overpowering. Most of all, it feels good.”
-Nancy Coulter-Parker, Editor in Chief
Hair Avalon Organics Lemon Clarifying Shampoo with Shea Butter Lemon essential oil's acidity cleans hair of residue, while shea butter adds shine and restores natural highlights by replenishing moisture. “Besides being enjoyably foamy, this shampoo is organic so I don't have to worry about being exposed to a bunch of chemicals. Plus, the citrusy scent is refreshing in the morning.”
-Andrew Blanchard, Contributing Designer
Lips Pangea Organics Italian Red Mandarin with Rose Lip Balm Tamanu oil rejuvenates delicate lip skin, hempseed oil offers natural sun protection and humectant fatty acids, and jojoba oil ensures that the balm glides on smoothly. “The scent is amazing — like aromatherapy for your lips. Other balms give my lips a weird texture; I like to use this at night because it goes on smooth and stays on.”
-Radha Marcum, Deputy Editor
Teeth Nature's Gate Organics Raspberry Mint Whitening Toothpaste with Fluoride The silica and fluoride in this sulfate- and paraben-free paste work together to gently wash away stains. Organic, anti-inflammatory green tea, licorice, and fig soothe sensitive gums. “The mouthfeel isn't as harsh as other natural toothpastes, so it's good for sensitive teeth. And the taste is mild and unique.”
-Vicki Hopewell, Art Director

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