Looking to detox from digital overload? While there are plenty of upsides to a world inundated with desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones, there are also dangers that these electronic companions pose to your health.

The average adult working full time spends more than 10 hours looking at a screen. If you’re having a hard time getting yourself or your family to pull away from these screens, here are four resources you can consider. 

Electronic Fast.

Victoria Dunckley, MD, guides participants through a four-week reset program intended to rebalance the brain’s chemistry. Learn more with her free mini-course at drdunckley.com.

Screentime App.

Screentime app

Download for iOS or Android; then easily set time limits and restrictions for every device in the house from your own phone. The Basic plan is free, and the Premium option is $3.99 per month. screentimelabs.com

Family Media Use Plan.

Media Use Plan

The American Academy of Pediatrics helps you create a media plan for each family member, with recommendations for each age group. healthychildren.org/mediauseplan

Screen-Free Week.

Screen Free Week

For one week each spring, families unplug from digital entertainment. Many communities and schools offer special events during the week. screenfree.org