February Calendar

during February, Heart Health Month. Eat heart-healthy garlic, onions, cold-water fish and soyfoods. Ask your health care provider if you should take hawthorn, bilberry, ginkgo, vitamin E or selenium for heart support. Contact your local American Heart Association to find out about walks and other heart-related events taking place in your area.

on February 2, Purification Day. Do a one-day fast. Exfoliate with a revitalizing sea salt and peppermint scrub. Consider taking liver-detoxifying herbs such as dandelion and milk thistle. Let go of negative judgments or gossip and replace them with kind thoughts and deeds.

Sing in the shower. Buy yourself flowers. Tap into a tool for self-understanding such as numerology, the Enneagram or art therapy. Open your mind and heart to life's myriad possibilities.

on February 14, National Heart to Heart Day, also known as Valentine's Day. Have a sincere talk with a friend. Visit an elder. For connections of a more sensuous nature, spice up your life with a natural aphrodisiac such as angelica root, asparagus, cloves, garlic, hibiscus or saffron.

on Hoodie-Hoo Day, February 20. At high noon, take a break from your work, run outside and yell "hoodie-hoo!" at the top of your lungs to chase away winter and invite in spring.

Studies show that the act of forgiving is good for your health, not to mention your heart and soul. For herbal assistance, consider taking the flower essence willow to dispel resentment or honeysuckle to let go of old memories.

A quantum leap, on Leap Year, February 29, by taking charge of your life. Make important life changes. Kick a bad habit. Say what you need to say. Because leap year originated with the Gregorian calendar, honor history by playing a tape of Gregorian chants.

Illustrations: Mary Lynn Blasutta