A new round of natural offerings pair food and function. These products promise more restful sleep.

Good Day Chocolate with Sleep

Each candy-coated chocolate piece contains chamomile extract and 1 milligram of melatonin—enough to gently coax you to sleep on long flights or after particularly stressful nights. Eat up to four pieces for serious snoozin’.

Eat Dream Be Banana Lavender Dream Bar

A tasty bar that features USDA Organic ingredients designed to encourage sleep, such as bananas, gluten-free rolled oats, magnesium-rich pumpkin seeds, lavender essential oil and more. At 160 calories, each bar makes for a pleasant nighttime nosh.   

Cheribundi Tart Cherry Juice Relax

Studies suggest that sipping tart cherry juice could help adults with ocassional sleeplessness get to bed. Cheribundi pairs this vitamin C–rich juice with known relaxants such as L-theanine and valerian root to boost tart cherry’s calming properties. 

Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Extra

This is the tea that launched Celestial Seasonings as a major tea company, which now sells a lot of Sleepytime varieties. This particular one contains chamomile, valerian root and tilia flowers. Make this your wind-down nighttime ritual by steeping a bag for four to six minutes.


Do you feel especially groggy when your alarm goes off? It could be because you’re in deep sleep when morning comes. Get help with SleepBot, a free app that monitors your sleep patterns based on movement and sound to determine when your sleep cycle is lightest (set an alarm for when you have to get up, and the app will wake you up within a 30-minute window before that time). Also cool: The app logs your sleep via easy-to-read graphs, so you can later examine the duration and quality of your nighttime respite to make data-backed decisions to go to sleep earlier, wear earplugs or a sleep mask, and more.