Set yourself up for peaceful rest by following a few feng shui principles that encourage calming energy.


Your bed is the most important piece of furniture you own and the best opportunity to add feng shui to your life. Treat it as the focal point of the room—splurge on a good mattress, solid headboard and high-quality organic-cotton sheets. Place the bed at a height that allows air to circulate under and around you while sleeping. 

Feng shui practitioners recommend rich earth and skin tones—from whites and light peach to coral, tan, copper, gray and warm cocoa—to create a cozy, welcoming space. Add pops of color from soft hues that appear naturally in the world, such as light blues and lavender, shades of green, and soft sunset oranges and pinks. 

Set up the bed so it is easily approachable from both sides, and flank it with two small bedside tables. If possible, avoid placing the bed directly in line with the door. Close the bedroom door plus any closet or bathroom doors at night to keep positive energy in the room. 

Imagery reflects life, so surround your sleeping space with a few carefully chosen pieces of artwork that give you feelings of comfort and happiness. The best art choices for the bedroom are images related to emotions of love, healing, intimacy and peace. 

Open windows, or use a good-quality air purifier to remove stale air and pollutants and to keep your bedroom full of oxygen. Limit large plants, which can give off strong energy and a too-high concentration of carbon dioxide, which can interfere with quality sleep. Essential oils can set the right scent.

Eliminate the TV, computer, exercise equipment and other electronics that counter your calm. These objects are the opposite of soothing and introduce the energy of work, stress and distraction—counterintuitive to good rest and partner relations.