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Joey (not verified)
on Sep 11, 2013

Correct, salt is not evil. Salt should be discussed like many of the other "concerns" in food. While salt has practically no bearing on health, in terms of blood pressure, people have been taught to be afraid of it. Sodium chloride is vital for health, when it comes to the digestive system. The body tells us when we need it and if we consume too much, when to cut back. That's really all there is to it.

Nutritionists and dieticians would do well to identify what "too much" means. The problem with the 'modern' diet, lifestyle and world is that we are surrounded by the fiat, phony, fraudulent and artificial. The "sodium" that is present in much "modern" food is not [by nature's definition] salt and but a substitute. While it delivers the taste of salt it does not provide any health benefits. Your tongue is fooled but your body is not. As a result, the body continues its 'craving' asking for me. It also does this with just about every other nutrient, as well. From your trace minerals, primary minerals, vitamins, amino acids, essential fatty acids, as well as, salt, fat, sugar and cholesterol. The body is getting a 'whole lot of nothing' in terms of nutrition in diet. In other words, people are stuffing their faces but getting no nutrition. Getting too much garbage salt has the same effect of getting the phony sugar, fat and cholesterol substitites.

The result of the practice consuming substitutes is what is called nutritional deficiencies. People are consulting a lot of "salt" but the body isn't getting the proper sodium chloride that it needs. Again, the same goes for sugar, fat and cholesterol. As a result of trusting the mainstream media and many 'health care professionals,' people have been led to follow the path of ill-health. Oh! Look out for the sodium! The sugar! The fat! The cholesterol! People are now coming down with deficiency conditions resulting in diabetes, Alzheimers, digestive issues, joint and arthritis problems, etc.

One of the keys to eliminating the gluten paranoia is to keep the digestive acids strong. How do we do that? By not skimping on the "real" salt. Real salt keeps the digestive system strong and therefore allows the person to consume tougher foods. A healthy digestive systems also helps to combat the effect of GMO food. As well, with the digestive system functioning optimally, a person is able to absorb the nutrients in food. I tell you, I can eat a loaf of bread (with gluten) per day and have no problems what so ever. My digestive system is strong. I tell you, I add salt to everything, including my toothpaste.

In conclusion, let's straighten out the conversation on "salt." Let's ensure we are getting the proper kind of salt and enough of it. Bottom line, don't eat phony food. Keep it real, organic, non-GMO and when possible, raw. Salt is your friend. On that note, get what you need for 'real' sugar and don't skimp on 'real' fat and cholesterol. The body needs it and will panic when deprived.

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