Having a positive mindset is paramount to accomplishing your wellness goals. [see also: The power of inspiration: How to stay motivated to achieve fitness goals]

 “Being positive will give you energy and motivation to stay on track,” says holistic wellness coach Erin Clifford. Here are three ways to tap into your positivity.


Affirmations can help you accomplish goals, influence your behaviors and even change your story, essentially rewriting negative self-talk. That’s why Clifford recommends starting every day with a positive affirmation like “I’m a rock star and have the ability to accomplish anything I desire.” “Remember that you are what you think, and your past doesn’t define your future,” she says. Choose words that fuel you, even when your day gets off to a rough start. 

Hang quotes that inspire you in your house, car or workspace. Or create a manifestation board, a visual creation of your life goals. 

Meditation, visualization and positive self-talk are the three pillars behind the mental training app Lucid, and together they help individuals stay motivated. “All of these tools help you gain awareness,” Betchart says. Meditation, for instance, helps you get present and focus on your breath. You can then use visualization to create a picture of the future you want, while positive self-talk, similar to the affirmations mentioned above, shifts mental chatter to the positive.