Supplements for a healthy back
3 for prevention


What it does

Suggested dose

Calcium and magnesium

Both are bone-strengthening minerals.

600 mg/day calcium, 300 mg/day magnesium (often combined)

Glucosamine sulfate

Helps build cartilage and tissues supporting spinal discs.

1,500 mg/day, pharmaceutical grade, in single or divided dose

Vitamin C

Ligaments, tendons, and connective tissues rely on vitamin C to stay strong.

1,000–2,000 mg/day

3 for treatment


An enzyme found primarily in pineapple, bromelain acts as an anti-inflammatory.

1 gram 3x/day between meals

Fish oil

Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, known for their anti-inflammatory properties.

1,000 mg 3x/day

White willow bark

Associated with pain-relieving properties similar to aspirin because it contains salicin, aspirin’s active ingredient. It should not be taken with aspirin, used by people with ulcers or gastritis, or given to children with fevers.

240 mg of salicin/day, taken in divided doses


Source: Harry Adelson, ND, director of Docere Clinics in Salt Lake City and a specialist in naturopathic pain management.

Note: As always, consult your physician for individualized doses.