In 2008—deep in the thicket of a crumbling economy—Holly Hirshberg planted a vegetable garden when her husband lost his job. “I thought with all the other things there were to worry about, I didn’t need to worry about having enough food for my family,” Hirshberg explained in an interview with Organic Connections.

Fast-forward four years later and Hirshberg has sprouted her original idea of gardening to reduce hunger into a full fledged nonprofit designed to send seeds to families in need. Texas-based organization The Dinner Garden, run out of Hirshberg's guest bedroom, has mailed small packages of hearty vegetable seeds to over 65,000 people. “We are a cost-effective sustainable solution to hunger, because we really are moving to end it,” she explains. “We are moving to put the power in the people’s hands. We are not solving hunger in the moment and then you’re going to be hungry again in three hours.”

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