Land to Market is the world’s first regenerative-sourcing verification for meat, dairy, wool and leather. Launched by the Savory Institute, an organization that encourages responsible animal-husbandry practices that improve the environment, the Land to Market program lauds the companies sourcing ingredients from farmers who raise animals for meat, leather, wool and dairy in a holistic manner. 

The Land to Market label differs from other certification seals because each certification is rooted in measured improvement. A ranch, farm or supplier can be certified only if the soil, biodiversity and water cleanliness on the farm improves year-to-year, which demonstrates that the farmer is working toward a more ecological system. The seal is still in its test phase (it should start appearing on product packaging in 2019), but it’s a step toward using agriculture as a tool to improve the environment. 

Pioneering brands participating include: 

  • Union Whole Earth Snacks
  • Epic Provisions
  • Maple Hill Organic
  • Zuke’s Natural Dog Treats & Supplements