1. Angell bars
“Up until now, it’s been hard if you really wanted a candy bar and you also care about your health. Angell candy bars have stepped into that place with a great, organic and fair-trade-chocolate candy bar; they’re delicious.”

2. Larabar minis
“What’s not to love? There’s a flavor for everyone; my fave is probably peanut butter and jelly, which appeals to the kid in me. They’re whole, real food that really tastes like a treat. We’ve been handing them out at Green Halloween events since 2007.”

3. Eli’s Earth Bars
“Like Angell bars, these are wonderful candy bars that are also organic and fair trade; plus they give 5 percent of sales to children-focused nonprofits.”

4. Stretch Island fruit leather
“These are safe for kids with allergies because they’re all fruit, with no grains, eggs, or other allergens.”

5. Endangered Species Bug Bites
“This company was really one of the first to ‘get it.’ They realized that people want chocolates in bite sizes, and they have a great-tasting chocolate that both kids and adults love. They’re doing it right.”

6. Nature’s Path Peanut Choco Drizzle Crispy Rice Bars
“A gluten-free rice-crispy bar that is delicious. I have gluten-free kids, and it’s a perfect treat. It’s also organic and they support conservation.”

7. Revolution Foods Grammy Sammys or Yo' Drops
“Kids love these, and adults like to sneak them! I’m a sucker for PB&J so I love that flavor. Yo Drops are their new item, which are also portable and fun. They also have a recycling relationship with TerraCycle.”

8. Glee Gum minis
“If ten different families are celebrating Green Halloween together, these are perfect because kids are going to want some gum! They’re all-natural, with goofy, fun packaging.”

9. Surf Sweets organic Sour Berry Bears
“There’s lots of room for candy in Halloween; just make sure it’s real food and preferably organic and not filled with artificial colors and all that. This is a perfect candy that parents can feel good about.”

10. Honest Kids drink pouches
“These are fun for a party and you can even give them away if you don’t get a lot of trick-or-treaters at your house. I love that the pouches can be recycled through TerraCycle; it’s a fun thing to do as a family. Plus the drinks are real juice with vitamin C.”

11. Justin's Peanut Butter Cups
With these melt-in-your-mouth organic, fair-trade peanut butter cups, you'll never go back to Reese's. Also try Seth Ellis Chocolatier’s organic, peanut-free Sun Cups made with allergen-free sunflower-seed butter.

12. Natural Vines Licorice
Fresh, moist twists made with natural flavors and colors, such as beet juice extract, brown rice syrup, molasses, and anise. Comes in classic black and yummy strawberry.