This month marks Earth Day's 39th anniversary, and to help you celebrate, we've dedicated our entire April issue to honoring this important holiday.

In the past few years, there has been a lot of talk about buying local. Although trimming the miles your food travels before it hits the table does reduce your carbon footprint, eating locally sourced food is just one tool to lower greenhouse-gas emissions. I was surprised to learn that, in fact, transportation accounts for only 11 percent of food's total carbon output. The production of food, on the other hand, accounts for a huge 83 percent. In this month's “Eco Eating” (page 26), Helen Olsson walks you through the benefits of a low-carbon diet, of which eating more plant-based meals is a big step. If this isn't already ingrained in your eating habits, or if you're looking for some new ways to green your plate, turn to page 21 for some quick and easy vegan recipes. Or go to page 32 and cook up a delicious, sustainably sourced “Earth Day Dinner.”

Outside the kitchen, there are many ways to honor Earth Day. Obviously recycling (“Reduce Packaging Waste,” page 47) is a critical place to start. If you need help finding a recycling center near you, check out No matter what type of product you're trying to recycle, this site will help you. Composting is another way to reduce your impact. “Why Compost?” page 50, offers tips and resources for getting started this spring. And of course, a fun way to get involved is to take part in any one of the thousands of Earth Day events across the country. This year, Delicious Living will be at the Earth Day Festival in San Diego, handing out samples of tasty natural products for you to try. If you're there, please look for our tent, and be sure to stop by to say hello. If we don't see you, happy Earth Day.