If you think you don’t have room for a garden, think again. Artist, environmentalist and designer Jenna Spevack will debut an art show called 8 Extraordinary Greens—designed to portray how furniture can help grow microfarms in small apartments.

In her exhibition, objects such as bookcases, tables, and trunks will burst with vegetables like beets, arugula, chard, watercress and kale. “One aspect of the exhibit is to show people who may not normally think about where their food comes from that they could easily grow more of their own food at home,” Spevack explains in an interview with Organic Connections.  

But the theory behind 8 Extraordinary Greens extends beyond art, Jenna says. “I’m trying to make my work now about creating more resiliency in the human natural world … this particular project aims toward a more positive outlook of ‘How can we improve the state of things?’ rather than the apocalyptic look.”

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