Amy's Rice Mac & Cheese
When you have absolutely no time and want something warm and rich, Amy’s gluten-free mac & cheese makes a comforting lunch or dinner, with excellent texture and taste. We like adding a bit of freshly grated organic cheddar cheese for added richness.

French Meadow Bakery Pizza Crust
These pizza crusts come out light and crispy and keep their shape, plus they’re casein- and lactose-free and packaged in aluminum tins to avoid contamination. Just pop one in the oven!


Tinkyada brown rice pasta
When cooked precisely, this brand has a nice texture that does not fall apart. Plus they’re certified organic and kosher.

Udi’s Gluten-Free Sandwich Bread

The grail of gluten-free sandwich bread. Udi’s Handcrafted Foods — bakers of yummy, all-natural items, from breads to granola — unveiled some of our very favorite gluten-free products this year, including a gluten-free sandwich bread that tastes and feels like “real” bread … even without toasting (the classic trick to make most gluten-free breads approximate typical bread). Udi’s bagels rock, too.

Quinoa Ancient Harvest Gluten-Free Pasta
For pasta lovers who suddenly discover they shouldn’t eat gluten, this is one of the best alternatives: easy to prepare, hard to overcook, and full of protein. Name a wheat-based pasta that can do all that!