1| Stellar Organics Live-a-Little Really Ravishing Red

Fair Trade Certified wines debuted in the United States in October, and this offering from Stellar Organics was one of the first to hit the market. Featuring shiraz grapes grown, crushed, and bottled at Stellar Organics — South Africa's largest organic winery — this crisp red pairs well with marinara sauces and roasted chicken. Currently 33 wine-grape producers in Chile, Argentina, and South Africa are Fair Trade Certified by TransFair USA — the only third-party certifier of fair-trade commodities in the U.S. What makes Stellar unique? Since 1988, its Dutch founders have sought to eradicate the legacy of apartheid. Through the company's stock-share program, black Africans now own a 29 percent stake in Stellar Winery, and a democratically elected council of workers allocates money garnered from wine sales to projects in the neighboring community of Trawal. Initiatives include enlarging the local day-care center and developing a 2-acre organic garden to provide the community with subsistence vegetables and additional income.
Country of origin ≫ South Africa
$9, stellarorganics.com

To ensure that purchases comply with the Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International standards, look for TransFair USA's Fair Trade Certified label on products such as coffee, tea, chocolate, and flowers, and the Fair Trade Federation seal on handicrafts.

2| SerendipiTea Black Jack

Country of origin ≫ Sri Lanka
$13, serendipitea.com

3| Canaan Nabali Olive Oil

Country of origin ≫ Palestine
$12, canaanfairtrade.com

4| Shaman's Vision Organic Dark Chocolate with Coconut

Countries of origin ≫ Costa Rica, Dominican Republic
$5, shamanchocolates.com

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