One of my favorite summer pastimes (aside from spending as much time outside as possible) is sitting in the backyard with my kids, eating fresh organic peach ice cream from Glacier, the local ice-cream store — peach being a flavor they only offer when this scrumptious fruit is in season. If you share my passion for indulging in icy treats on hot days, you'll enjoy “Cool Desserts,” which offers six wonderful recipes that make the most of summer fruit. Several of the recipes are dairy free, and all are low-fat and flavored with natural sweeteners. The Mixed Berry and Mint Granita may very well replace my peach ice-cream habit this summer, and I'm certain the Tropical Popsicles will be big hits with my kids.

Bringing you colorful recipes filled with natural ingredients has long been our goal at Delicious Living, but as you know, we offer even more. For years, our tagline (the little words you see above our name on the cover) has been Feed Your Body/Nourish Your Spirit. Recently we decided that we needed to communicate the evolution of our mission more clearly, and so I'm excited to introduce our new and improved tagline: Real Food, Natural Health, Green Planet.

These words may seem like a little thing, but we see them as a nutshell definition of what we're about. Food and recipes — made with authentic, wholesome ingredients — remain a cornerstone of the magazine. In addition, we examine natural ways to address the health issues and conditions you care about. And our commitment to a greener planet is more than just the latest trend; we've been champions of eco-issues from day one. This month, our Parenting story focuses on zero-waste parties; “Destination Rejuvenation” suggests where to go for a simultaneously relaxing and earth-conscious getaway; and “Think About It” visually confronts our world's addiction to plastic bottles.

Ultimately, we believe that considering real food, natural health, and a green planet in daily life is truly how we nourish our spirits and our world. We hope you agree.