Fresh red raspberries should look dry, plump, and bright; stems mean they were picked too soon. These beauties are ridiculously perishable, so eat them as fast as you can (as if you need an excuse). To preserve, rinse gently, place berries on waxed paper in a single layer, freeze until solid, and transfer to zip-top bags.

Stir fresh or frozen raspberries into muffin or quick-bread batters. When making ice cubes, drop raspberries into the trays for a color and flavor boost.

Raspberries pair especially well with tart and savory flavors. Add them to a salad of arugula, slivered radicchio, and butter lettuce. Toss gently with a dressing of equal parts rice vinegar and olive oil, and top with chopped candied walnuts.

Purée raspberries; add to a saucepan with sautéed onion, broth, and sherry. Sweeten, if necessary, with agave or honey. Bring to a boil, then simmer until reduced to a sauce (to thicken, add a bit of cornstarch dissolved in liquid). Serve over grilled meats.

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