15 MINUTES: Skillet Brown Rice Fusilli with Lamb, Zucchini, and Feta

Serves 6 / Prep tips: Cooking pasta in limited liquid in a large, deep skillet avoids bringing a huge pot of water to boil; plus, the pasta absorbs flavor and releases starch that thickens the sauce. This technique works especially well with brown rice pasta, found in the gluten-free aisle of many markets.

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18 MINUTES: Quinoa and Salmon Stew with Tomatoes

Serves 4 / Quinoa is a quick-cooking and versatile whole grain. This unusual approach pairs it with dill and salmon, with felicitous results.

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20 MINUTES: Tex-Mex Pizza

Serves 6 / Prepared whole-wheat pizza crusts work wonders. Ingredient tip: Spicy green tomatillos are often found near the hot peppers in produce sections.

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