Yields 18 muffins/ These corn muffins are rich in taste and nutrition. The winter squash imparts vitamin-rich sweetness, and the dulse flakes add extra iron.

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cooking Time: 20 minutes

 2  cups cornmeal
2 cups whole wheat pastry flour
4 teaspoons nonaluminum baking powder
1/4 teaspoon sea salt
3 tablespoons dulse flakes
1/2 cup cold-pressed vegetable oil
1/2 cup maple syrup
2 eggs
1-1/2 to 2 cups water
3/4 cup leftover baked winter squash (buttercup, butternut or delicata squash) or substitute same amount of leftover baked sweet potato
1/3 cup pumpkin seeds

1. Preheat oven to 375°F. Lightly oil muffin tins or line with paper muffin cups.

2. Sift dry cornmeal, flour, baking powder, salt and dulse flakes together in a mixing bowl and set aside.

3. In a separate bowl, whisk together oil, syrup, eggs, water and squash until smooth. Combine wet and dry ingredients and mix with a minimum of strokes. Spoon batter into muffin cups. Decorate tops of muffins with pumpkin seeds. Bake 20 minutes.