Soy Protein*

Cooking Suggestions

Fresh, green soybeans (edamame)

1/2 cup

11-15 g

Steam, remove from the pod and eat as a side dish or snack.


2 Tbsp

4 g

Add 1-2 tablespoons to soups or stews; use as a flavoring in salad dressings; mix into nut butters and other dips or spreads.

Roasted soy nuts

1/4 cup

17 g

Snack on these alone, or add to a trail mix.


4 oz.

16 g

Cut into burger-size patties, marinate and grill; add to stir-fries; dice into bite-sized pieces and add to marinara sauce.

Textured soy protein

1/2 cup

11 g

Use in place of ground meat in soups, chili, meatloaf, tacos, spaghetti sauce.

Tofu, firm, extra-firm

4 oz.

11-16 g

Add cubes to soups; top salads with marinated tofu chunks; crumble into tacos, burritos and chili; toss into a stir-fry; marinate in barbecue sauce and grill; scramble in place of eggs.

Tofu, soft, regular

4 oz.

9 g

Silken tofu

4 oz.

6 g

Soy flour

1/4 cup

8 g

Replace about one-fourth of the flour in muffins, pancakes, cookies and quick breads with soy flour. Use to thicken sauces and gravies.

Soy milk (full-fat)

1 cup

7 g

Blend into shakes or smoothies; pour on cereal; serve in coffee drinks or tea; substitute in place of dairy milk in soups and sauces.

* Protein content may vary by brand or type.

Sources: Nutrition Science News Continuing Education Module, by Frances Albrecht, MS, CN, April 1999; The Healthiest Diet in the World by Nikki and David Goldbeck (Plume Books, 1998).