1. Rigatoni

Shape: large, grooved macaroni, about 1½ inches long

Use: with meatballs or chunk meat sauces

2. Farfalle

Shape: small rectangles pinched in the center; means “butterfly”

Use: in broths or with creamy sauces

3. Fusilli

Shape: twisted, corkscrew shape

Use: in pasta salads or dishes with vegetable chunks

4. Bucatini

Shape: long, spaghetti-like tubes

Use: with tomato sauces (with or without additional vegetables)

5. Linguine

Shape: flat, long noodles, traditionally 3mm wide

Use: with pesto or clam sauces


San Francisco–based chef Laurie Gauguin now enjoys pasta in moderation, unlike during her college years when she lived on an all-spaghetti diet.