Picking a box of cereal at the natural foods store can seem like mission impossible without a proper plan of attack. Given the overwhelming number of breakfast-bowl options out there, Illinois-based nutritionist Monique Ryan, RD, recommends limiting your selection to products high in fiber and made from whole grains. Choose a cereal with some protein and at least a few grams of healthy fat in every serving. Shun hydrogenated oils, and pick the cereal that gets its lipids from a healthy source, such as nuts, seeds, and canola or soy oil.

Don’t want to read a dozen ingredient lists? Any of the five cereals below will make a nutritious morning meal.







Essential 10 by Peace Cereal

In 1 cup: 170 cal, 3g fat, 10g fiber, 8g protein

All organic with 10 mg of antioxidant soy isoflav-ones, calcium, and folic acid.

Eastern spices sweeten this mixture of softer bran flakes and fiber filaments; large granolalike clusters add an occasional crunch.


GoLean Crunch! by Kashi

In 1 cup: 190 cal, 3g fat, 8g fiber, 9g protein

Contains 6 grams of heart-healthy soy protein.

Crunchy nuggets of seven different puffed multigrains taste better and healthier than sugary commercial counterparts, with the added guarantee of never going soggy.


Grain Shop by Barbara’s Bakery

In 2/3 cup: 90 cal, 1g fat, 8g fiber, 3g protein

All organic, all natural, kosher, and dairy-free.

A simple pairing of bran and corn flakes makes this cereal a wholesome-tasting medley, complete with rolled oats and small fiber strands.


Hearty Morning by Cascadian Farm

In 3/4 cup: 200 cal, 3g fat, 8g fiber, 5g protein

All organic with a good amount of iron and folic acid.

Small granola nuggets and bran pieces balance this cereal’s filling, well-sweetened crispy wheat flakes.

Most Fortified

Optimum Power Breakfast by Nature’s Path

In 1 cup: 190 cal, 3g fat, 10g fiber, 8g protein

All organic and highly fortified with omega-3s from flax, soy isoflavones, B-12, calcium, and folic acid.

This mixture of bran flakes, fiber rods, and puffed Kamut is crunchy and nutty, sweetened with a hint of cinnamon. (Note: The few, tiny blueberries may provide antioxidant value but offer little in flavor.)