Chicken breast fall flavors

Chicken Breasts with Steam-Roasted Parsnips, Leeks, and Thyme

Serves 4 / Ingredient tip: Look for thinner parsnips; thick ones can be woody. After microwave steaming, they'll have a characteristic “parsnip” odor — this cooks off in the oven, where they become sweet and delicious. View recipe

Pasta with Wild Mushroom Sauce

Serves 6-8 / Prep tip: This can be made using only cremini or button mushrooms, but adding a few wild mushrooms lends a richer, more interesting flavor. Serving tip: Serve with a salad of arugula, pears, and toasted hazelnuts. View recipe

Chipotle-Dusted Steak on Autumn Greens

Serves 4 / Prep tip: When cooking the steaks, press the surface with your finger. If it leaves an impression, it's rare; if it springs back, it's medium; if it doesn't yield at all, it's well-ruined. Serving tip: Accompany with garlic bread. View recipe